Observatori de la Comunicació Científica: Proceedings of the 11th PCST Conference in New DelhiThe proceedings of the 11th Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST 2010), held in December 2010 at New Delhi (India), are already available. The PCST 2010 deliberated on both practical and theoretical aspects of science communication, in a globalised world with major inequalities and development challenges. Over 500 science communication practitioners and analysts from all continents compared experiences and perspectives on science-based issues of today and tomorrow. The document is 807 pages long and weighes up to 17 Mb, so be patient to download it.

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  1. logo of PCST 2012 is a copy of PCST 2010? Florence do some thing new and attractive like PCST 2010.Whether PCST 2012 is a one man show of Prof. Massimiano Bucchi only.

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