eurobarometerSpecial Eurobarometer 401 Eurobarometer Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Science and Technology published on November 2013 by European Commission reveals that 65% of the respondants stated  television as a main source of information for development in science and technology, followed by newspapers (33%) and websites (32%). Scandinavians and people in the Baltic region are more likely than central and eastern Europeans to turn to the Internet for information.

The results also show that a large number of Europeans, 40% do not feel ‘very well informed’ about science and technology and an additional 18% feel that they are ‘not at all informed’. However, this does not mean that people are uninterested in these topics as 53% answered ‘fairly interested’ or ‘very interested’.

The consultants were asked about:

  • Engagement with science and technology
  • The impact of science and technology on society
  • Attitudes towards science and technology
  • Ethics and science
  • Young people and science
  • Gender issues and science
  • Open access to research results

The Special Eurobarometer has been conducted by TNS Opinion & Social at the request of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Research & Innovation and covers the 28 Member States.

Eurobarometer Responsible Research and Innovation, Science and Technology

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