“Rethinking How Kids Learn Science”

Ira Flatow’s November 11th at NPR broadcast, Talk of the Nation:Science Friday takes at extra curricular learning of science.

Ira Flatow and his guests, Lynn D. Dierking (College of Science at Oregon State University), Linda Kekelis (Techbridge, California) and Susan Singer (Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota) take a look at informal science education and what researchers are learning about learning science and how important are museums, TV shows and after school clubs to teaching kids science.

Listen to Rethinking How Kids Learn Science.

Are we beginning to see the light?

Article by Jean Johnson, Jon Rochkind and Amber Ott published few weeks ago in Public Agenda based on a survey of more than 1.400 adults.

Americans are convinced that math and science skills are crucial for the future, with strong majorities who say there will be more jobs and college opportunities for students with those skills, according to a new Public Agenda survey. But while there’s broad support from parents and the general public…

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