Premio Il·lustraFuturs, ¿cómo te imaginas el futuro?

ilustrafuturs¿Cómo te imaginas que serán las ciudades, el entorno, la sociedad y la tecnología de la Tierra en el año 2100?. Ahora puedes dibujar el futuro y mandar tu obra a el Il·lustraFuturs, el Premio internacional sobre Ilustraciones de las Grandes Tendencias del Futuro.

Para participar tienes que rellenar el formulario de la web y mandar la obra por e-mail a antes del 9 de enero de 2015. Más información sobre las Bases del concurso.
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Global Science Journalism Report

GSJRSciDev.Net partnered with the London School of Economics (LSE, UK) and Museu da Vida (Brazil) published the Global Science Journalism Report. Working Conditions & Practices, Professional Ethos and Future Expectations, to examine science communication around the world: journalists’ background, workload, and opinions on science communication, work environment and capacity building needs.

The above organisations wanted to explore the profile of science journalists as well as their perceptions regarding two historical trends: the crisis of print journalism (mainly in USA, Canada and Europe), and the commercialisation of science globally. They found no confirmation for a global sense of crises in science communication, contrary to the evidence presented by a feature published in Nature by Geoff Brumfiel Science journalism: Supplanting the old media?

How to save science journalism

The editor of Wired UK, David Rowan, writes this interesting article based on a lecture he gave to the Dutch Association of Science Journalists in Amsterdam, at science centre NEMO.

Govert Schilling, for the association, had asked me to talk about the future for science journalism at a troubled time. Big subject: so I started with a provocative title, “The internet will kill you… or save you”.

This is the starting point of David Rowan’s article. Click here to read the full story.

A look into the future that never was

In 2007, Matt Novak, a collector self-defined as a retro-futurist, created the blog Paleo-Future, a look into the future that never was.  Since then, Novak has published nearly 700 posts on inventions, ideas, and speculations from the past that looked towards the future.

The blog collects hundreds of resources: articles, books, videos, commercials, post-cards, comics… And all of them are well classified and tagged. Paleo-Future is an interesting (and often hilarious) document that allows to see how social futuristic expectations -in particular, in terms of science and technology- have evolved since 1870 to the 90’s decade of the last century. Highly recommended!