Poor countries urged to get ready for synthetic biology

On January 17th, the  Science and Development Network published this article from Mićo Tatalović on synthetic biology products:

Environmental campaigners are urging developing countries to include the rapidly advancing science of synthetic biology —the building of new organisms using genes as biological ‘bricks’— in their biosafety…

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Craig Venter creates the company Synthetic Genomics

The scientific rebel J. Craig Venter created headlines —and drew comparisons to Dr. Frankenstein— when he announced in May that his team had created what, with a bit of stretching, could be called the first synthetic living creature.

Two months later, only a smattering of reporters and local dignitaries bothered to show up at a news conference to hear Dr. Venter talk about a new greenhouse that his company, Synthetic Genomics, had built outside its headquarters here to conduct research.

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