I+dThe European project NERRI (Neuro-Enhancement Responsible Research and Innovation) has been presented at the Innovative Dissemination Conference D+R (II Jornadas de Divulgación Innovadora D+I), sharing the stage with other science communication projects from all over Spain. NERRI project wants to guarantee that neuro-enhancement techniques are developed in accordance to the values and expectations of society and it is coordinated in Spain by Gema Revuelta, professor at CEXS-UPF and Deputy Director of the OCC-UPF.

In the session Juntos. El público toma la palabra (in English: Together. The audience’s turn to speak) OCC-UPF research assistant Gabriela Ojeda has presented the details of the citizen debate SuperMI which took place in May 2014 at the National Museum of Science and Technology (MUNCYT) of A Coruña (Galicia, Spain). This event has served as an example of a citizen participation activity.

Besides the NERRI one, other activities of citizen participation have been presented in this session. For example, the project Innovaciones 360º coordinated by Patricia Thomas and that belongs to the Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros (ICTP) of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). Another example is the Acuigen group from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, presented by Laura Piñón. And also the project Adopta una planta, coordinated by Begoña García and belonging to Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología from CSIC.

This second conference of science communicators has met the highest expectations. Science has been addressed in all languages and through all channels. Under the motto “Science moves. Telling it too”, professionals coming from all over Spain have presented their projects and shared their ideas and discovered different ways to communicate science. Two intensive days during which music, comedy, workshops, games, toys, cooking science and loads of innovation have been mixed. And what has been the result? That none of us can wait until the date of the third edition is announced.

The conference has taken place on October the 17th and 18th in Zaragoza. It has been coordinated by Pilar Perla and Elena Sanz, organized by Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento in collaboration with the City Council of Zaragoza together with Universidad de Zaragoza, CSIC, AECC, Ibervcivis and OCC-UPF.

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