.The University of Lorraine (Nancy, France) is inviting 100 budding researchers, all PhD students whatever their discipline and nationality, to take part in a two-day training event called Knowing how to disseminate research and to assist at the International Conference on Science Communication – Journées Hubert Curien that will take place in Nancy from September 2 to 7.

Participants will learn about science communication in workshops supervised by experts and professionals. The workshops aim to raise participants’ awareness of the different tools used by science communicators and also allow to reflect on the context of their use and their limits, how to assess the tools and the audience they can be used with.

Students have to choose one among the 10 proposed workshops
* scientific films and videos
* the radio, from the interview to the recording studio
* writing workshops
* theatre and the sciences
* the work of the clown
* designing an exhibition
* hands-on science with a young audience
* the graphic arts and cartoons for science
* photography
* the Web, blogs and social networks

These two training days are free; includes training, accommodation, meals and local transport and conference registration.

Candidates interested in participating should apply until 13 April 2012 via online registration form attaching a letter of motivation, a letter of agreement of the supervisor and a copy of the student card.

For further information contact Nicholas Beck in this email.

Link to event Knowing how to disseminate research.

Call for papers for the International Conference on Science Communication-JHC2012 posted on 21/12/2011.

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