.Ecsite, the European Network of Science Centers and Museums that links science communication professionals in more than 400 institutions in 50 countries, is calling for proposals for its  Annual Conference that will take place in Gothenburg (Sweden) from 2013 June 6th to 8th under the theme “Dreams, the spirit of innovation”.

According to Escite, dreams are very important because “dreaming ideas into reality is the spirit of innovation. Dreams, as sources of uncommon images and ideas, contribute to developing inventions.

Once inventions become socially accepted and used, they become innovation. Dreams enrich innovation with meaning and purpose”.

If you want to participate in this conference you must send your proposal, before October 26th  that surely will be a valuable input to continue dreaming about innovation and providing in-depth discussions, provocative presentations and interactive experiences. You can take a look at what others are proposing and exchange your ideas with Ecsite network colleagues at Session ideas section.

The proposed formats for the sessions are workshops, panel sessions (maximum 4 speakers), reverse sessions, poster sessions, project poster showcase and other formats.

For further information you can visit the guidelines page or contact Lucy Schweingruber

These documents and tools might help to create a successful proposal:

– General tips “What makes a good Ecsite session proposal”
– Propositions for“Session Formats 2013”
“Session Ideas” that match the topic
– Technical instructions “How to submit a session proposal”

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