Paneldebat_closeup_4_marts_2014_0The European Conference for Science Journalists 2017 (ECSJ2017) will be an interactive and communicative event from 26th June to 30th June in Copenhagen, Denmark. We will provide a media platform for streaming video and podcasting from the conference. As a new element, ECSJ2017 will offer work grants for science journalists from all over the world for the production of material during and after the conference.

The conference will have a specific focus on the climate debate with training sessions, networking, creation of transnational investigative journalism and the best climate researchers and specialised journalists in the world. It is a unique setup which will have an important impact on the international debate on climate, sustainability and resilience. Other themes are science in social media, global development, investigative journalism and responsible communication of science. Read more information in the webpage of the event.

ECSJ2017 aims to inspire through activities. The conference will offer a variety of experiences, namely, speeches in plenum, workshops, training opportunities, academic and commercial field studies, as well as time for networking. In addition to traditional conference elements such as talks and debates among leading professionals, participants will interact with their peers from many nationalities and cultures.

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