Medical Museion is a medical museum and interdisciplinary research group at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, with a strong interest in theory, practice, and research in science communication. They are currently recruiting for 2 PhDs and a part-time Research Manager to work on the ‘Microbes on the Mind’ project, starting in early 2019. Deadline for applications is November 15th 2018.

The project is funded by a Velux foundation group grant awarded to Associate Professor Louise Whiteley in collaboration with Associate Professor Adam Bencard. A short project description is below:

— In the last decade, a new scientific research field has grown up around a startling insight: the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut seem to affect how the brain develops and functions. Researchers have begun to investigate the role of gut bacteria in mental conditions such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, stress and autism. Whilst this scientific research is still at an early stage, results are already escaping the laboratory and catching the attention of journalists, doctors, and patients alike. This demands humanities research that asks: what does microbiome research mean for our understanding of mental illness and its treatment? Microbes in the Mind runs across three analytical domains: science, media culture, and personal experience. The project explores the creation of meaning in each domain, and how the three domains mutually shape each other. The methods include open, experimental workshops in the Mind the Gut exhibition at Medical Museion, which test and further develop the analysis, whilst also bringing novel humanities-grounded health research into the public sphere —

The Medical Museion wants to create a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary group where the members will be able to follow their own evolving research interests whilst also participating in public events that test, shape, and disseminate the groups’ work. The Microbes on the Mind team will be integrated into the wider life of Medical Museion and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research.

More information:

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