The consortium behind the “Scientific Understanding and Provision of an Enhanced and Robust Monitoring system for RRI” (SUPER MoRRI) project is pleased to announce a call for 23 country-correspondents, who will contribute to data collection activities within the project.

Across Europe, research performing and research funding organisations increasingly appreciate the need for a more dynamic governance and a better societal integration of research and innovation (R&I). Internal drivers of change (such as the digitalization of science) and political will to better align with societal needs and concerns are bringing about aspirational policies and processes of transformation of the R&I system, including those of RRI – responsible research and innovation.

In order for the aspirations of RRI to be realised, robust tools must be developed for R&I policy and practice. The MoRRI project (2014-2018) conceptualised and implemented the first RRI monitoring system in Europe. The SUPER MoRRI project builds upon and continues the work of MoRRI, ensuring sustained data collection, curation, further assessment and refinement of the MoRRI indicators.

The network of country-correspondents will be involved in data collection. Each correspondent will be responsible for contributing to data collection within their respective country. The SUPER MoRRI monitoring scheme and methodologies are not yet fully developed, but in broad terms, the country-correspondents will facilitate survey administration (e.g. by identifying respondents, providing contact details, conducting follow-up interview / reminders by phone etc.), carry out (and possibly transcribe) qualitative interviews, and engage in analytical work based on desk research. All data collection will be implemented on the basis of collective templates and guidelines, and will be reported back to the Work Package leader, Prof. Niels Mejlgaard, Aarhus University.

Deadline: 7/11/2019

More information about the call:

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