Carolina Llorente gave an introductory course to the RRI for researchers in Valencia on November 15.

The course is part of a series of 3 conferences organized by the FISABIO foundation. This was the first, and the following ones will take place on November 28 in Castellón and on December 12 in Alicante.


In yesterday’s course participated 25 people living in Valencia. Courses are aimed at researchers, but they are also open to management and communication staff. The idea of ​​the courses / workshops is to offer an overview of the RRI from a more philosophical perspective and also from the point of view of the European Commission.

The course lasts 4 hours and is eminently practical. The materials used are adaptations of the materials elaborated in the HEIRRI project.


Here you have more information about the foundation:

You can find the HEIRRI materials at the following link:

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