The Study Center on Science, Communication and Society from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (SCS-UPF), for two days (20th and 21st October) hosted the 6th consortium meeting of the European Scientific Understanding and Provision of an Enhanced and Robust Monitoring System for RRI (SUPER_MoRRI).

Participants from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Spain discussed the state of the project and the next steps for the next year of the project. The hosts of this meeting were Gema Revuelta and Carolina Llorente (director and coordinator of CCS-UPF, respectively), who are in charge of tasks related to the RRI internationalization.

The greater the role of research and innovation, the more important it is to monitor its integration and responsible use. There is a need for new policies and methods of transforming the research and innovation system (RRI) that include responsible research and innovation (RRI). Based on the achievements of the MoRRI project, which conceived and delivered the first RRI monitoring system in Europe, the SUPER_MoRRI project, funded by European funds, is working to ensure the collection, conservation, evaluation and clarification of data provided by the MoRRI indicators.

It will also develop a more complete scientific understanding of the complicated and diverse relations between RRI’s policies and practices and their social and economic impact. SUPER_MoRRI aims to create a mature monitoring system, with robust, realistic and easy to implement indicators and metrics.

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