bee expo1Next 7th May at 18:00h will take place the opening event of the exhibition Bee Monitoring Devices and Other Curious Observationsat the Mediterranean Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CMIMA) in Barcelona. The event is open to public, previous notice to

At the opening event, Anna Omedes, director of the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona will make a welcome speech. There will be beverages during the event.

This exhibition, that can be seen until June 7th,  brings together the research results and the artistic work carried out by the beekeeping and artist AnneMarie Maes, who looks for raising the public awareness in front of the fragile situation that are currently suffering the bees and of the catastrophic environmental consequences that their extinction would suppose to our planet.

Bee Monitoring Devices and Other Curious Observations is a travelling exhibition that aims to go around the world along this year 2015, and its presence in Barcelona is organized by Luc Steels from  Language Evolution Lab at the  Institut of Evolutionary Biology (IBE) a joint CSICUPF research institute .

AnneMarie Maes has spent six years researching about bees through the Brussels Urban Bee Lab, a project founded by herself and focused on the urban beehives as a vehicle for novel artistic practices to raise ecological awareness. During the last years, four different bumblebee species have become extinct in Europe, and bees do not seem to follow a different path. These insects have a key role on the nature’s pollination and they also help in our agricultural production contributing to pollinate our crops.

Opening Event: Bee Monitoring Devices and Other Curious Observations
Day: Thursday  May 7th
Location: CMIMA’s Hall. Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 39-47 (see map)

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