Gema Revuelta participated in a session of scientific debates of the Public Health Agency of Barcelona (ASPB), called Vaccine Reticence: the role of pediatric teams. The session took place December 11, 2018, from 1 to 3 p.m., in the Auditorium of the ASPB (Pl Lesseps 1).


The talk Communication on vaccines and social networks: the escalation of the disinforming groups was led by Gema Revuelta, director of the Center of Studies of Science, Communication and Society, Pompeu Fabra University.


The other talks of the day were Vaccine reluctance in the pediatric teams of Barcelona, by Mireia Garcia Carrasco, Public Health Agency of Barcelona, and Reticent Families: the experience in the consultation, by Manel Enrubia, Director of the Integral Pediatric Pediatric Center Barcelona Esquerra.


These sessions are aimed at sharing innovation and knowledge about public health with other professionals and citizens. The format of the sessions consists of moderation (5 minutes) and three presentations of 20 minutes.

The session in which Gema Revuelta participated focused on ‘Vaccine reluctance’, a term that has been consolidated to denote doubts or/and resignation to vaccinate for non-medical reasons.


The session was moderated by Elia Díez, from the Public Health Agency of Barcelona.

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