Tomorrow, the conference “Connected Health, assistance in diagnosis” will take place at the Palau Macaya at 6:00 p.m. The session will be moderated by Gema Revuelta.

In the debate, it will be addressed how the doctor-patient relationship will change with the introduction of diagnostic tools with artificial intelligence. Who will be the last responsible before the decision making? In addition, the need to store medical data and the use of these in order to protect the privacy of patients must be explored. The theme of inclusiveness and of minority or less developed countries will also be explored: will technology advance in diseases that only take place in countries without so many resources? It will reflect on how personalized medicine, which will lead us to smart medicine, should stop being elitist.

The conference will be in charge of:

  • Dr. Debora Gil, CVC researcher and professor at the UAB.
  • Dr. Begoña Román, professor of Philosophy at the UB.
  • Mr. Marc de San Pedro, coordinator of the “Càtedra TIC Salut Social”.
  • Dr. Stephen Dunne, product manager at Alpha, Telefónica.
  • Dr. Mara Balestrini, CEO of Ideas for Change.

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