On May 9 Carolina Llorente taught an introductory course to the RRI in Naples. The course was taught on the first day of the 7th International Symposium on Sensor Science and lasted 1 hour and a half. A total of 20 people participated: 10 engineers and 10 doctors.


The participants were engaged in biomedical research using sensors. These sensors are used to tele-monitor people with certain diseases to possible non-invasive diagnoses. The participants were very interested in the importance of the multidisciplinary teams in research on bioengineering issues and how and what strategies could be used to incorporate the visions, needs and expectations of the patients.


One participant of the course shared a very interesting reflection: “We engineers are trained to solve problems, we have a very practical and very decisive vision of things, which is why I think it can be very useful to have meetings with doctors and patients from the beginning to take into account all physical limitations or whatever nature, it may be even more stimulating for us to have a general and complete view of the problem.

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