WWF is looking for a Communications Officer, who will implement communications activities to achieve conservation, communications and revenue gains for WWF in the Mediterranean Sea.  He/she will focus on WWF marine projects, mainly related to marine protected areas, fisheries, sustainable tourism, blue economy and sustainable seafood consumption. Application deadline: March 16

He/she will produce communications tools that target a diversity of audiences (international institutions, governments, local authorities, tourists, fishermen, local populations, investors, general public, donors, WWF network and partners) to gain support for the conservation of the Mediterranean Sea and the implementation of sustainability models. The Communications Officer will work closely with WWF staff, projects partners and pilot site teams in the Mediterranean (in particular in Albania, Algeria, Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, Libya, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey). Reports to WWF Mediterranean Director of Communications.
Location: Rome, Italy

WWF has identified the Mediterranean region as a global priority place where ecological integrity must be conserved to contribute to a more secure and sustainable future for all. Together with 5 WWF offices in the region, WWF Mediterranean has launched the Mediterranean Initiative, a common strategy aimed at scaling up WWF conservation efforts in the basin.

The level of protection of the Mediterranean Sea is largely inadequate. There are too few marine protected areas, and those we have are not ecologically representative of Mediterranean biodiversity and not effectively managed. The Mediterranean is also a critical source of food security, well-being and livelihood for millions of fishermen and local people. At the same time, 85% of Mediterranean fish stocks are overfished, while certain species of high economic and commercial value are in an alarming state due to over-exploitation. The WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative engages those involved in protection and management of marine resources towards a threshold where marine biodiversity conservation becomes a political, economic and social priority.

More information: http://wwf.panda.org/who_we_are/jobs_wwf/?323830/Communications-Officer-Mediterranean-Marine-Initiative

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