cern_02CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is looking for a head for the Arts and Science programme who would play a leading part in promoting dialogue between artists and particle physicists.

You will join the International Relations Sector (IR), Education, Communications and Outreach Group (ECO) that is responsible for generating public engagement in science, producing and distributing information, fostering community-building and consolidating support for CERN and its mission.

You will be part of the Global Engagement and Exhibitions Section that takes the lead in developing and implementing exhibitions, multimedia productions, online resources and other activities to inform and engage global audiences in support of CERN’s mission and of fundamental science.

This position is part of the ‘Arts at CERN’ programme, promoting dialogue and co-creation between artists and scientists at CERN. Every year, CERN hosts more than 20 renowned artists for visits and residencies between 1-3 months to create new expert knowledge in the arts.

More information about the programme:

More information about the position:

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