Exporecerca Jove is an international research fair organized by the Association for the Promotion of Young Research (MAGMA). Since 2000, junior high school and high school students from all over the world can present their research projects for three days. This year’s edition is held from February 28 to March 2. Luisa Barbosa and Aina Crosas, of the Studies Center on Science, Communication and Society of the Pompeu Fabra University (SCS-UPF), participate as jury.


Participants present their work in stands customized by themselves, where they have the opportunity to explain their research to the visiting public. Research projects of all areas are accepted. During the three days, the work is evaluated by a group of experts in various branches of knowledge that are unrelated to MAGMA. At the end of the fair, prizes are awarded according to the jury’s assessments.

Although the majority of participants are Catalan, students of other autonomous communities and other countries of the world also participate, which makes the “Exporecerca Jove” a very enriching opportunity.

The fair is held in Farga de l’Hospitalet, next to the fair of science and technology organized by the Mobile World Congress, Yomo. To visit “Exporecerca Jove” you need to get an entry.


More information: http://magmarecerca.org/exporecerca/



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