The GRECO project promotes cooperation between citizens and scientists. Therefore, with this call, we invite all citizens to take advantage of their creativity and collective intelligence to give ideas on how to include citizens in solar energy research.

Are you interested in solar energy? Do you have novel and exciting ideas about how scientists can improve research and make it more inclusive? Then participate in our international competition!

For five days, your challenge will be to work with a team to analyze the comments of 50 scientists on how citizen-centered research could be. Afterwards, they should elaborate a practical proposal of two pages in which they describe their ideas.

Participants will receive the complete list of comments, indications and evaluation criteria of the proposals at the opening ceremony of the contest on May 17, 2019.

Pay attention to the calendar:


Do not miss the opportunity to participate and win up to 1,700 euros.

Registration closes on May 15!

The detailed information and the regulatory bases of the contest are available on the Web.


Additional Information:

GRECO seeks to put Open Science into practice through a solar energy research project. GRECO wants to demonstrate that greater social support leads to an increase in the use and integration of innovative products in this field. Thus, based on the principles of RRI and citizen participation, GRECO proposes solutions to increase the useful life of the technology, reduce its costs with higher performance and bring innovations in agriculture and architecture. The project is funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union (Grant 787289).



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