Social Board

  • Vladimir de Semir, Social Board President
  • Fèlix Bosch, Director Fundació Dr. Antoni Esteve
  • Ignasi López-Verdeguer, Director of Science Department, Science and Environment Area, “la Caixa” Banking Foundation
  • Rafael Pardo, Director Fundación BBVA
  • Núria Terribas, Director Fundació Víctor Grifols
  • Antoni Vila Casas, President Fundació Vila Casas



  • Assess and make proposals of action to SCS-UPF Management to make sure that it develops its activity in the frame of Science-Technology-Society, paying special attention to the main social challenges and contributing to the promotion of scientific knowledge among society and its different agents.
  • Collaborate with the Advisory Board in the annual evaluation of the activities of SCS-UPF.