The course “Conservation Education, Communication and Evaluation” is a 13-week training course organized by the non-profit education and research charity The Institute for Methods Innovation and Parque das Aves (a bird conservation center and aviary based in Brazil).

This course provides participants with a firm grounding in up-to-date research, practice and theory in conservation education and communication, with evaluation integrated into all aspects of the course. The course is directed to conservation professionals with active involvement in any institution and/or sector working to convey a conservation or environmental message, including conservation field projects with community or education dimensions.

The course features some of the world’s top experts in conservation education and evaluation: Dr Eric Jensen (University of Warwick), Rachel Lowry (Zoos Victoria), Dr Judy Mann (Ushaka Marine World), Professor Alessandra Bizerra (University of São Paulo), Dr Silvio Marchini (University of Oxford / University of São Paulo), Dr Andrew Moss (Chester Zoo), Professor Brady Wagoner (University of Aalborg), Dr Joseph Roche (Trinity College Dublin) and Parque Das Aves Education Team.

The course is available either with a residential stay in the Atlantic Rainforest (Brazil) or completely online.

Here you can find all the information about the course:

In the next link you can find the full training schedule (starts in February 2019):

Early bird registration discount is available until the end of this month.

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