Vladimir de Semir, president of the Science, Communication and Society Studies Center (SCS) of the Pompeu Fabra University, has been invited to participate on Friday, November 2 at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in a seminar about “Communicating Science“, of the Master’s Degree in Public Communication of Sciences, directed by Professor Susana Gallardo. The specialization in Public Communication of Science and Technology is attended at the Faculty of Exacts of the UBA during an academic year and is aimed at training professionals who can perform in the mass media as well as in public management organizations and scientific and academic institutions, operating as articulators between the scientific structure and society.

Likewise, the Secretariat of Academic Affairs of the University of Buenos Aires has organized a panel discussion on Tuesday, November 6, about “Dimensions of speech in times of post-truth: knowledge and persuasion” in which different experts will participate: Javier de Santiago Guervós, professor of Spanish language of the University of Salamanca, Guiomar Ciapuscio, professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires, expert in Discourse Analysis, and Vladimir de Semir, who is also a professor of Journalism and Dissemination of the Sciences of the Master in Scientific Communication at BSM-UPF. This activity is part of a cycle on “Humanities and Science” that is part of the “University of Buenos Aires for the 21st Century” program.

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