Gema Revuelta (left) interviewed Carmen Vela, R+I General Director The second round of Monitoring Responsible Research and Innovation in Spain has just finished. During the coming weeks, main results will be available at the MoRRI’s platform, which will also allow comparing our situation with the corresponding to 15 other European countries.

MoRRI platform is part of the European project Res-AGorA (“Responsible Research and Innovation in a Distributed Anticipatory Governance Frame: A Constructive Socio-normative Approach”). The person in charge of the monitoring the situation in Spain is Gema Revuelta, associate professor at the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (DCEXS-UPF) and director of the Studies Center on Science, Communication and Society (SCS-UPF) from the same university. Octavi Planells and Núria Saladié, both specialists in science communication and collaborators of SCS-UPF, have also participated in this study.

While at the first monitoring phase, each national correspondent selected ten central documents from the ten previous years that exemplify and characterize the national policies on RRI in their countries; this second round is based on a documental analysis and a series of semi-structured interviews. Five interviews to the maximum responsible and/or representatives from some of the main organizations involved in funding and performing R+D+i in Spain –both from the public and for the private sector – have been conducted.

Interviews have been held with:

  • Carmen Vela, Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, at the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity
  • Enric Banda, Head of the Department of Science and Environment in “laCaixa” Banking Foundation
  • Rafael Pardo, Director of the BBVA Foundation
  • José Miguel Vela, research director of Esteve
  • Luis Ignacio Vicente, Return on Innovation Manager and Head of Telefonica Patent Office

During the coming weeks, main results from the second round will be available at the MoRRI’s platform. A Spanish and full text version from these interviews will also be downloadable from our blog.


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