imatge3.1Born at the Neuro-Music Hack Day in 2013, the projects from Marcel Farrès and Zacharias Vamvakousis have been further raised through the KiiCS funded development residence. Nowadays, these two hacks find themselves in their growing-up phase and carry on doing experiments to confirm first results.

The project from Marcel Farrès, called “Play your mood“, is a hack that selects the kind of music that matches best with the user’s mood after analysing his/her brain activity. This application can have a leisure side for healthy individuals, but also a therapeutical one in people who want to use music to improve their humour.

Zacharias Vamvakousis works on his project “Brain Loops”, previously called “p300 harmonies”. With this hack, the user can make a selection inside a group of six sounds just mentally. “Brain Loops” is addressed to a therapeutical application for patients with locked in syndrome, i.e., people with no physical mobility but active brains.

The development residence for Marcel’s and Zacharias’ projects is a joint initiative from the Music Technology Group (MTG-UPF) and the Science Communication Observatory (OCC-UPF), financed through the European project KiiCS (Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science). It has been possible thanks to the collaboration from Barcelona Activa and the company Starlab.

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