.The European Geosciences Union (EGU), dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the geosciences and the planetary and space sciences for the benefit of humanity, is searching for a freelance science writer.

The aim is to write for GeoQ, their quarterly newsletter that is distributed for free to  all EGU members (around 12,000 scientists). Each issue contains three to four pieces on recent research in the earth, planetary, and space sciences written for a general (technical) audience.

EGU  is looking for science communication students, with excellent level of English. Freelancers will not only see their texts published in a magazine with a wide readership, but will also receive a €100 Amazon voucher per 800 to 1000 words article as payment.

Also, they maybe be contacted occasionally to write posts on GeoLog, the official EGU blog. While these blogging opportunities are unpaid, they are more regular and are ideal for those with less science writing experience looking for a popular platform to publish their work.

Interested people please send an email with two recent science writing samples (in English and aimed at a general audience) with a short paragraph about yourself to Bárbara Ferreira .

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