The second edition of the International School for Scientific Journalism and Communication will take place in Erice, Sicily, from May 9 to May 13. The cours is first of all directed to young journalists. However, the School is aimed in general to all those people interested in communicating science and related issues to the public, such as young researchers. The main goal of the course is to introduce the main challenges of the field to a new generation of science communicators compund by journalists, public relations, communication managers, scientists, etcetera, encouraging them to develop new tools and strategies.

The School is based on lectures, working sessions and other activities, held by international experts in the fields of science, journalism and communication on general topics and on a specific scientific theme, to offer a focus to the discussion. Frontier Science for Health is the theme of the second course of the School in 2010, aiming at highlighting on one hand some new instruments and methods that fundamental science is making available for health sciences and, on the other hand, the most advanced tools to communicate this topic to the larger public.

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