In this article published in USNews Ioannis N. Miaoulis, president and director of Boston’s Museum of Science, states his conviction that science centers and museums can play a key role in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

Museums and science centers have resources that many schools do not have; museums offer interactive, standard-based activities that complement the school curriculum and excite students, equipping

them with the skills to make informed decisions and pursue STEM fields. Furthermore many of these institutions offer teacher professional development, aligned with best practices

According to the author, elementary and secondary education in United States has focused more on math and science than on technology and engineering. Boston’s Museum of Science launched the National Center for Technological Literacy® to reach out students and improve technology and engineering understanding.

Finally the author calls on political leaders to continue investing in elementary and secondary education and life-long STEM learning, urging them to remember that science centers and museums are a tremendous, untapped resource.

Full text article: Museums Key to STEM Success.

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