Presentation21Science View has launched its first book entitled The Art of Science Communication by Dr. Spiros Kitsinelis about how to communicate ideas effectively, how to capture an audience’s attention and how to make it understand what you want to say. This book  pretends to be useful to a wider audience; scientific, researchers, students, academics, trainers, industry professionals…

The purpose of the book is to inspire science communicators by presenting interesting ideas and projects and hopefully to change the way of thinking in science communication in order to achieve a quantum leap in the way science and its ambassadors are thought of by society.

The book, distributed by Science View, is structured in five parts:

  1. Advices on how to communicate with various groups
  2. Examples of how different arts can combine in interesting ways with science, resulting in spectacular projects and science communication successes
  3. The most powerful tool for communication: film
  4. Guidance on how to write scientific and technical documents
  5. Non – verbal communication

More information about the book: content and prologue

The author, Dr Spiros Kitsinelis is a researcher focusing on the development of novel and energy efficient light sources. He also is author of a number of scientific publications, has attended international conferences and is co-creator of a number of patents in the field of light sources. He is a country winner on FameLab competition.

Science View is a greek organization that promotes science communication activities between the scientific community and the wider public by implementing activities such as video productions or scientific documentaries, training courses, printed and electronic publications, conferences,  science cafes, scientific workshops.

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