stampaThe Music Hack Day is the perfect meeting point between the music scene and the technology trends. The dynamics of this activity promotes an accessible, open, innovative and very exciting interconnection for the participants. This year’s edition in Barcelona adds a new dimension focused on neuroscience and physiology. While others are talking about the future of music, we are very busy building it!

The first Music Hack Day was held at The Guardian offices in July 2009. Over 200 participants created 40 new music apps in just 24 hours. This event has attracted great interest from the music industry and creative communities and as of today has been played 35 times in 17 cities around the worldMusic Technology Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) is the official organizer of the Music Hack Day in Barcelona since 2010, organizing it in collaboration with the Sonar Festival since 2011. The Barcelona Music Hack Day will take place on June 13th and 14th as part of Sonar+ D in Sonar Festival.

Barcelona Music Hack Day, with a very innovative format and highly disruptive dynamics, brings together the major players of the international music industry which made available 25 innovative technologies (such as Google Glasses, Oblong space technology, etc..) to the 100 participants in order to develop applications related to music and technology during a 24 hours working session, including night. At the end of development session, participants will show their creations and the event will conclude with giving the awards to the best hacks by participating institutions. Additionally, thanks to the collaboration with Sonar, participants will enjoy of the concerts scheduled for Friday June 14th night and the activities included in the Sonar + D on Saturday.

Thanks to the sponsorship of KiiCS project in which participates the Science Communication Observatory of UPF, this year the Barcelona Music Hack Day adds neuroscience and physiology as new perspectives of interest. Participants will have the opportunity of using advanced devices that allow brain waves tracking and heartbeat, respiration and skin sweating sensors among others, in order to develop applications related to the signals generated implicitly by people. This new dimension has been designed in collaboration with the company Starlab and SPECS group from UPF which will make their technologiesavailable to participants.

The main objectives of this celebration are to attract to Barcelona the best scientific, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial talent from the entire world, to involve Barcelona’s society and citizens in scientific and innovative process, to contribute to the internationalization of Catalan research and to eventually create community knowledge that joins research, development and innovation.

The Music Hack Day is a non-profit event run by volunteers with the aim of keeping the event free for all attendees and companies involved. Therefore: We are grateful to our sponsors and partners through which we can make all this happen!



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