onlinesurveyFrom July to September 2011, 1.140 responses from 42 countries were received for the Online survey on scientific information in the digital age. It should be noted that 37 % of all responses were submitted by German respondents.

The purpose of this open consultation was to gather information from as many sources as possible and to use the results to be considered and set out the actions that the European Commission intends to take on open access to publications and data in the context of research projects funded by the European Union budget.

Four main issues were asked at the questionnaire on scientific information and open access:

  • What role for Europe?
  • Access to digital scientific information: scientific publications
  • Access to digital scientific information: research data
  • Preservation of digital scientific information

Different stakeholders answered the questionnaire, such as national governments, regional and local governments, research funding organisations, university/research institutes, libraries, publishers, international organisations, individual researchers, citizens and respondents identified as ‘other’ (which there were NGOs, industries, charities, learned societies and scientific and professional associations).

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