.Quality, honest and beauty in science and technology communication, the 12th Conference of the Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), has set a new records in the history of PCST conferences, with 670 participants from five continents and more than 450 presentations across different formats

The PCST 2012 Book of Papers is now on-line. Edited by Massimiano Bucchi and Brian Trench, it collects more than 100 papers presented by the participants during the conference.

Also, you can download the results of PCST 2012 Evaluation survey. This survey provides important feedback on PCST 2012 and useful recommendations for future events.

In this website you will be able to download the complete pdf of individual abstracts, listen to podcasts from Radio lab, watch a photo gallery of the conference and take a glance through the press review.

PCST is a international network of individuals from around the world who are active in producing and studying public communication of science and technology.  Vladimir de Semir, director of Science Communication Observatory is a member of the PCST International Scientific Committee.

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