.PLACES, a four-year European project coordinated by Ecsite (European network of science centres and museums), is looking for an external evaluator that should look for the effectiveness of the project regarding its main objectives.

PLACES started in June 2010 and it aims to establish and develop the concept of the European City of Scientific Culture.

Main duties:
* To build a community of actors dealing in Science in Society issues.

* To facilitate the development of science communication policies at local/ regional/ European levels.
* To develop and promote the concept of the European City of Scientific Culture.
* To develop the evaluation strategy in accordance with the coordinator.
* To attend meetings. For exemple: 2nd PLACES Conference Sharing Experiences (Tartu, Estonia, 11-12 October 2012)
* Reporting on project evaluation and providing a final report due 15 November 2012.

Skills and Experience:

* Experience working in international projects.
* Experience in science in society issues and in related policy development.
* Experience in evaluating large complex projects, particularly those that are policy-related.
* Familiarity with the activities of science communication institutions.
* Candidates must work in a EU country

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2012. Interested applicants should submit a description of the methodology they would use to evaluate the project (two pages max.) and a CV (two pages max.). The evaluation budget is €20.000 and includes all costs.

For more information about this position, contact PLACES Coordinator, Antonio Gomes da Costa, via email agomesdacosta@ecsite.eu.

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