.The 12th Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) conference will take place in Florence (Italy) on April 18th to 20th. The theme of PSCT 2012 is Quality, Honesty and Beauty in Science and Technology Communication and it will offer a very fully scientific programme, with leading international keynote speakers, over 95 sessions of papers, debates and ‘show “tell and talk” sessions, performances, videos and a special meeting for PhD students.

Some of the main fields to discuss in PCST 2012 are related to: What does quality mean in science communication?, Evaluating public communication of science, Art and/in science communication, Communicating the social sciences, Changing media, changing formats, changing science communication models?, etc.

The outline programme (topics, participants, parallel sessions, etc.)  is available here and for further details contact Germana Cimmaruta  or Info PCST2012 . There are grants for junior participants.

The International Network on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) is a network of individuals from around the world who are active in producing and studying PCST. Vladimir de Semir, director of Science Communication Observatory is a member of the PCST International Scientific Committee.

Register online to PCST 2012.

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