.The Cultures in Southern Asia are very different: their beliefs are different, their histories and even their wardrobe… but some things are similar, like their wish to have better science education and gender equity. Al least , that is what Science Academies across South Asia are saying. According to a report by Scidev.Net, the heads of many of these organizations share a common interest: science education and development.

“If I have to identify a couple of [science] issues which are directly related to development, they are education for all, and science education for a large number of people, both men and women” said Shamsher Ali, former president of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences.

The head of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Atta-ur-Rahman, a former science minister, agrees and concludes that “if countries of the region want to march forward, they have to invest at least 7–8% of their gross domestic product [GDP] on a long-term, continuous basis for primary, secondary and tertiary [education], and in the fields of science and technology”.

Moreover, specialists advocate for a better media; a media that could raise awareness about science to empower the people and that not only be used for entertainment.

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