PlayDecide (2)A new Decide Kit about neuro-enhancement, called Non therapeutic Neuro-Enhancement, is online. It was developed by Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) within the framework of the European NERRI project (Neuro-Enhancement Responsible Research and Innovation). Two members of the Spanish Committee of Support to the Responsible Research and Innovation in Neuro-Enhancement have collaborated as experts: Carmen Casado, specialist in medical technologies´ regulation, and Mara Dierssen, Senior Scientist (CRG) at Centre for Biomedical Research on Rare Diseases (CIBERER) and President of the Spanish Society for Neuroscience (SENC).

Decide Kits are sets of cards that are part of the deliberative game Play Decide, a dynamic and innovative format that allows discussing scientific and technological topics without a previous knowledge. The game consists of a structured debate using the Decide kits. Cards offer information about the topic with references to personal experiences, and raise ethical and legal issues. Participants have the opportunity to share opinions creating a common deliberation, to finally adopt a stance regarding neuro-enhancement regulation at a European dimension.

This new Decide kit “Non therapeutic Neuro-Enhancement”  is available in Open Access at the website of the Play Decide. The experiences collected with an existent kit called “Neuroscience-brain enhancements”, as well as recommendations from the advisers belonging to the Committee of Support and from others members of the project, were taken into account in order to adapt the kit to NERRI, which intends to apply the concept of RRI “responsible research and innovation” to the field of neuro-enhancement.

Do you dare to play? You can share the results at the website or even create a new kit.

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